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It’s no hidden secret that remarkable telecommunication services are being provided by Viarcom at very feasible prices. Anybody can easily avail their services at lower rates as the company is an AT&T authorized dealer. This basically refers to the affordability you have while utilizing the AT&T services.

Lower rates mean more people can afford our services and this is what our philosophy is, -to make communication easier and more effective anywhere in the world.

Viarcom has a number of facilities for everyone according to their needs. From cheap phone bundles to a variety of internet packages, you get to avail a lot in a little amount of money. There are services offered for everyday use just to make life a little less messy.

As Viarcom is a legal AT&T dealer, our services are reliable and available 24/7. We make sure that you work comfortably through utilizing our unlimited internet and other landline services from time to time

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Basically, Viarcom originated 10 years ago in order to bridge the communication gap and make it more effective. With the advancement in technology, it became even more important to improve communication and bring people together through an affordable way of communication.

10 years ago, Viarcom International started operating from a small room equipped with 3 PCs. However, now that you see, it has transformed itself into a fully grown company handling variety of services being offered. These services are solely based to enhance communication and remove any barriers.

Some of the services are the network bundles Viarcom offers at cheaper rates, deals to be used by different age groups, online subscriptions, free landline phone service, one of the best unlimited data plans and what not. The list doesn’t end here as Viarcom sells out phone accessories and other services including free use of direct TV at the highest speed in town.

Many AT&T services are offered to the clients as well. For instance, fast AT&T authorized internet bundles, AT&T high-speed internet connection, AT&T unlimited data plans, AT&T cell phone deals, all under one roof.

Viarcom is a complete package for all of its consumers who can now watch their favorite shows on Netflix without any hassle or communicate with their loved ones whenever they want. No doubt that the Viarcom provides the cheapest rates in town for their many internet and phone services.

Its internet and data bundles have 3 main characteristics which are highly preferred by its consumers, i.e., data volume, speed, and reliability.

Viarcom is an all-rounder when it comes to the services it offers. Be it the unlimited download or giving away an exclusive internet server to watch movies and shows with no nationwide roaming, you can do anything you want through Viarcom.


Here, you are saved from the struggle of paying the internet and phone bills separately. Just avail the single package of Viarcom in which you get all of the TV, internet, and phone services. Because of the fiber-optic network, you can avail unlimited entertainment in high definition (HD) with highly effective customer support side by side.

Some of the other features of Viarcom are:

  • High quality video recording options
  • Newest shows to watch online, anytime, anywhere
  • Highest speed internet of all time
  • Cheapest TV bundles ranging from HBO to Showtime
  • Live streaming with your friends of up to 5 screens at a time
  • Most alluring 4K Ultra HD quality of images and videos
  • Recording of your favorite shows to be streamed later

All of these aforementioned services at such economical rates is all what we need right now!

If we talk about the credibility of our services, the authorized AT&T bundles are highly recommended by major publications which praise the company for its services from time to time. Many global quality assessment organizations including GWS (the one which sets industry standard benchmarks) have acknowledged the devoted services of Viarcom as well.

According to the study done by GWS, AT&T was highlighted as ‘the most effective and useful all-round provider of wireless connectivity services.’ The study also focused upon the account voice, packet data, loading time of vides, coverage area, and the reliability metrics to the cumulative scores.

Furthermore, call connectivity timings, call dropping issues, and the voice quality were also reviewed and the results came out immaculate. AT&T beat the rest by coming on the top of Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

Yet another striking feature of Viarcom is the AT&T Direct TV which lets the user to stream their favorite content online. The best part is, you don’t have to subscribe to it and wait for it to load after hours! Viarcom makes sure that it offers the most flexible plans according to your needs.

All you have to do is dial our number, connect with us, and make your life hassle-free. Like mentioned above, these internet bundles are the cheapest and recommended by every other user of Viarcom

Our Core Value

At Viarcom, we put the comfort of our clients first and make entertainment more accessible. We focus upon improving our quality standards and performance criteria just so the clients get the best of the digital world. Our clients are the most valuable assets of ours and we try our best to listen to their suggestions before making any further changes in our way of operating.

Delivering the Best Telecom Experience

With continuous improvement in our services, Viarcom make sure to entertain its clients and rectify any errors appearing in the system. As an AT&T authorized dealer, we work on coming up with newly updated services to make the whole digital experience even more comforting.

Let us Help You

Viarcom will be pleased to guide you in fulfilling your digital entertainment needs. Here, our experts are at your service 24/7 to guide you in choosing from the different bundles and data plans we have. So give us a call and consult us whenever possibles.

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