Each training batch is expected to be better than the former. Trainees interact with live simulations to facilitate easy transition into production. Standard assessments are provided to ensure that agents who join our team are equipped to deal with interactions and expected job requirements. Each agent is also given a two weeks nesting period where they use this opportunity to practically incorporate all they have learned from training. Also, during this period trainees are expected to meet minimum requirements along with their training assessments to successfully graduate and declare themselves as proficient agents. Minor training sessions are also conducted for refreshers for existing agents and updated training for new products and services. Training modules are always being revised to improve on how content is delivered to each trainee. Everyone learns and understands materials differently. Therefore, different styles of teaching such as visual, audio-visual and practical methods are incorporated in each lesson.  

Viarcom Inc is a full service business that provides both  inbound and outbound services, data entry processing, back office outsourcing services. Our services extend to incorporate full customer service and sales transactions to fulfill client needs.