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Viarcom inc thrives to be a global leader providing call centre solutions. The company’s objective is to faciliate our clients in accomplishing their sales and customer service goals. Our aim is to be the first and best chioice for potiential clients , in assisting them to a accomplish their goals




Viarcom Inc is a full business processing outsourcing call center that specializes in both in-bound and out-bound services. Our back-office support team  provides impeccable service to meet client requirements and demands. Fundamental data-entry services are offered as additional peripheral resources to facilitate daily business commitments. 


Support Questions

Businesses that sell complex products or plans tend to receive a higher-than-average number of customer support inquiries. Health care companies, for example, might receive hundreds of calls a day from customers who have questions about their benefits.

Big corporations that serve a large volume of customers often rely on entire teams of agents dedicated solely to managing these types of inbound support calls. This work can be outsourced to us because the cost of labor will be less.

Plus, larger companies with regulated plans and services almost always have clearly documented knowledge-base resources they can easily share with us. These resources make it easy for us to get up and running in no time at all.

Order Processing

Some customers still prefer to place their orders by phone. But processing these purchases can be time-consuming—entering customer information in your CRM, taking payment information, sending orders to fulfillment, and so on.

Hire us to handle this entire process—from order placement to delivery—to give your team more time for high-level business processes, such as marketing and product development. Our center is helpful when processing international orders during time zones outside of your business’s normal working hours and for handling overflow during high-volume days, hours, or holidays.

By outsourcing your over-the-phone orders, you can keep the money flowing in 24/7 without having to pay employees overtime or take resources away from other core business functions.


Dispatch agents handle incoming calls from customers requesting a business’s service. A cab company, for example, will receive dispatch calls from clients requesting to book a car. The agent receiving the dispatch call will then notify a driver to fulfill the service.

Rather than hire full-time, salaried employees, you can outsource your dispatch call center services so that you can pay for agents on an as-needed basis. A courier company that delivers only between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on weekdays, for example, might find it more cost-effective to outsource dispatch services rather than hire salaried employees.

With this system, you also don’t have to worry about paying an employee on a slow day when there are few dispatch calls. And, as a plus, our BPO call center can help cover odd hours to ensure that no service requests are missed.


While telemarketing has historically gotten a bad rap, we consider it a highly effective and cost-efficient strategy for generating new leads. Unfortunately, telemarketing can yield a low ROI if your agents aren’t experienced in the art of the cold call.

That’s where the experience, tools, and expertise of our call center comes into play. Our agents are hired for their ability to captivate and persuade the people they cold call. They’re trained to think quickly on their feet, to charm consumers, and to present your company’s mission statement in a way that resonates with the person on the other line. The right BPO agents can help you increase the ROI of your telemarketing efforts.


Telesales focuses primarily on closing deals over the phone. Telesales differs from telemarketing, in that cold calls are typically made to prospects who have already been identified as promising leads.

These calls are an important aspect of driving revenue, but businesses may not have the capacity to promptly connect with potential customers. Say you have 2,000 leads in your pipeline but only 12 reps on your team. You could spend weeks cold calling and still not connect with the right opportunities. With our help, you can both reach and follow up with all the leads in your pipeline in less time, which can help your company generate more sales quickly.

Small companies also will outsource telesales because BPO call centers have greater access to sales technology. By hiring a BPO team that already has a CRM in place, companies can reap the benefits of the tool without needing to add to their existing tech stack. This saves overhead costs and eliminates the need to spend time and resources onboarding a new tool.

Market Research

Businesses often conduct over-the-phone surveys to learn more about their customer base. The data gained from market research can reveal a number of valuable insights: what resonates with shoppers, their top pain points, and so on.

Market research calls tend to follow a set script, so you can easily outsource them to us. Just us on how to greet customers and close the call, and provide them with a list of questions to ask. By outsourcing these calls, your team will be able to cost-effectively gain insights for upcoming campaigns and product releases.


Lower Costs

One of the main reasons organizations outsource is cost reduction. Instead of buying IT equipment and hiring more employees to do different tasks, they can outsource the tasks to a service provider, reducing or even eliminating overhead costs.

Higher Efficiency

We are experienced in different fields and perform at the highest level. They also adopt best practices and use the latest technology. It naturally results in higher efficiency and greater productivity.

Focus On Core Business Functions

Many companies, usually start-ups, encounter a difficult time with ancillary business activities. Transferring non-core processes to us gives the organization more time to focus on its main business activities.

Global Expansion

If your organization decides to enter an overseas market, some activities that require local market knowledge, national law expertise, or fluency in a foreign language can be assigned to us. It helps in boosting efficiency and quicker expansion.

Viarcom Inc is a full service business that provides both  inbound and outbound services, data entry processing, back office outsourcing services. Our services extend to incorporate full customer service and sales transactions to fulfill client needs.